Everlast notebook is probally the best smartbook out there.Why?,because  when you written on with a pen from the Pilot Frixion line can be wiped off over and over again, but only with a wet towel — normal rubbing won’t do it. It’s important to use the Frixions because they use an erasable ink that comes off the page completely (you can also just use the eraser for quick edits).6806b525dd093671ae244d7857ac0833_original

Another speciality of this smart notebook is you can capture the images of the pages quickly with the Rocketbook app. The Rocketbook, by the way, was the notebook the company funded earlier this year, which you erased by putting it in the microwave with a glass of water for a while and then vacuuming up the ink. Yes, really.Also it can do another trick which is  when you snap pictures, it crops and processes the image and then sends it to the cloud services of your choice.Sounds cool right? so what are you waiting for?!.Go buy it!!.

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